You may purchase the bisque heads with the eye sockets cut & beveled. 
After the head is painted & sealed, the eyes can be inserted. 
 This is much easier than having to paint around the already set in eyes.

Pick up a small amount of wax on the flat end of the wood tool. 
Scrape wax to the inside of each corner of the eye socket from the front of the eye socket.

Push the acrylic doll eyes into the eye socket from inside of the head. 
The wax will hold the eye in place. (a bit of wax on your finger will help hold the eye when inserting)
Position each eye to the desired direction or centered.

Mix the powder with water and a plastic spoon to buttermilk or slightly thicker consistency. 
 It takes approximately one heaping spoonful for each head.

Spoon the mixture over each eye ball inside the head, making sure it is covered. 
Position the head face down while the putty hardens.

When the putty is hardened, use the pointed end of the wood tool to remove the excess wax from the front of the eyes.
Use mineral spirits or oil paint brush cleaner and an old soft paint brush to clean the eyeballs. 
 Wipe with a soft paper towel.
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